Congratulations on your pregnancy! Kingsdale Gynecologic Associates is excited for you and your growing family. We would like to offer the knowledge and guidance to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy with the KGA Pregnancy Guide.

Prenatal Testing
In addition to our pregnancy guide and our recommended prenatal visit schedule (below), we also offer early and accurate prenatal testing called the Harmony Prenatal Test. This simple, non-invasive blood test analyzes your baby’s DNA to predict the risk for Down syndrome and other genetic conditions. Learn more about this test here: Harmony DNA Testing
Prenatal Visits

Your first prenatal visit (a consultation with a clinical staff member) should take place four to eight weeks into the pregnancy. This first visit includes the following:

  • Calculation of due date 
  • History 
  • Prenatal lab work 
  • Rx for vitamins 
  • Urine culture 
  • Our customized prenatal packet

The second prenatal visit (a consultation with a physician) should occur eight to ten weeks into the pregnancy. This visit includes the following:

  • Consultation 
  • Pelvic exam 
  • Gonorrhea/chlamydia probe 
  • Possible ultrasound

Each subsequent visit will include the following:

  • Calculate gestational age 
  • Weight/blood pressure 
  • Monitoring fetal heart tones 
  • Check urine for protein and glucose 
  • Check cervical dilation and effacement after 34 weeks

Normal Pregnancies:

  • Every five to six weeks through 28 weeks
  • Every two to three weeks through weeks 28 to 36 
  • Every week from week 36 to delivery

Complicated (High-Risk) Pregnancies: Women who have complicated pregnancies may need to be seen more often in order to ensure a safe, healthy pregnancy and delivery. Your physician will determine the frequency of your visits.

Ultrasound Schedule: Patients undergo at least one ultrasound during pregnancy, usually during the first or second trimester. Some physicians may do an additional ultrasound if medically necessary.

Prenatal Education: Classes will provide handouts discussing childbirth preparation, newborn care and information on a breastfeeding class.

Hospital Choices: Our physicians deliver at Riverside Methodist Hospital. Remember to contact your physician before going to the hospital.

Hospital Tours: We encourage you to tour the hospital prior to delivery. Riverside Methodist Hospital has private rooms and birthing rooms available. Please call the following number to schedule your tour (approximately two months prior to the delivery).

Riverside Methodist: (614) 443-2584

Physician Coverage: One of our physicians is always available to deliver your baby, even if it is after hours (5 p.m.). Our physicians share after-hours and weekend call responsibility on a rotating basis. If you believe you are in labor or have an emergency outside normal business hours, please contact the on-call physician at (614) 457-4827. Your call will be answered via an emergency answering service. If you have difficulty reaching us by phone, or if your call is not answered in a timely manner and you have a medical emergency, please go to the hospital and they will contact your physician directly.

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